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June 3, 2011


Welcome to a New Source
for Church Music

Welcome to  Married over twelve years, we were brought together by music, and music sustains our lives. The pieces that you find Doug Starr & Annette Tierney here were written together or individually in most cases, for performance at our church, St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Doug is  Organist and  Choirmaster at St. Paul's. Annette sings soprano in the chancel choir, plays guitar for the Canterbury (childrens') Choir, plays handbells, and directs the Liturgical Dancers.

The (mostly) sacred music in our repertoire is an eclectic mixture for voice, choir, and instruments, including  handbells.  Some of the pieces have been written for childrens' voices, while other vocal music has been written for adult choirs. If you find pieces from our library that would be useful in your own music ministry, send us an order form with your check, and we will send the music out right away. We add new pieces to the site on a regular basis, so be sure to check back with us often.

- Annette Tierney & Doug Starr


Like the Murmur of the Dove's Song



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